The Quito/Galapagos Island Tour

First you will tour Quito, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit the Equator. Feel the pull of the two hemispheres while trying to balance an egg on a nail. Then travel to the Galapagos Islands, a famous archipelago located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. This is a land of unique flora and fauna. Your experienced tour guide will take you to visit the Charles Darwin Museum, to see the Marine Iguanas and Blue-footed Boobies, to visit the natural habitat of the Giant Tortoises, to swim with sea lions, to wade with sharks, and to snorkel in the pristine waters. Other exciting activities and adventures will be planned. Do you wish to spend more days exploring? We can easily accommodate your wishes! Price includes: all accommodations, round trip flight Quito/Galapagos/Quito, all meals in the Galapagos, entrance to museums, ground transportation and taxis, tips, tours and tour guides in Galapagos

Overview : (subject to change)

Day One
Travel to Quito, Ecuador

Day Two
Spend a complete day with a local tour guide visiting Quito: Historic Downtown, Panecillo Monument, and the Equator, oversee a huge volcanic calderon and explore the Quito Artisan Market and more.

Day Three
Fly to the Galapagos Islands and begin explorations.

Day Four through Day Six
Exploration of the Islands Visit the Charles Darwin Museum Visit the Natural Habitat of the Giant Tortoises Snorkel with Sea Lions View the Twin Craters Visit Organic Coffee Fields Walk along Beautiful Beaches Return to Quito in PM of Day Six x

Day Seven
Return Home

Gallery of Photos


Birds flying above the Boat
Blue-footed Booby
Feel the Majestic Volcanos
Fragatta Bird

Connect with Nature through exploration of Quito and the Galapagos Islands.

The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

This tour provides a unique opportunity to visit the Shuar, an indigenous hunting and gathering group of the Amazonia. Learn about their traditions and ceremonies, dance, eat traditional foods, take nature walks, search for food with them, learn about their concerns of logging and oil exploitation in the region, In addition participate in a humanitarian project by bringing school materials with you to distribute directly to students and work with medical personnel in a local medical clinic. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Price includes: all accommodations, all meals in the Amazonia, entrance to museums, ground transportation and taxis, tips, round trip transportation into Amazonia, round trip transportation Quito/Macas/Quito, tour guides in Amazonia.

Overview : (subject to change)

Day One 
Travel to Quito

Day Two

Travel to Macas

Day Three
Travel to Shuar Community Distribute School Supplies Assist our Doctors in a Wellness Clinic Explore the Amazon Jungle with Guide

Day Four through Day Six
Explore the Amazonia Paddle Down the River in a Canoe Venture Down Jungle Trails Participate in Shuar Traditions

Day Seven
Return to Quito Visit the Artisan Market Enjoy Salsa dancing

Day Eight

Return home AM

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Experience a fishing adventure
Learn from the Shuar how to find food
Navagate on rivers in the Amazon
Learn rituals of the Shuar

Connect with Nature through exploration of the Amazonia.

Antigua and Rural Guatemala Tour

Guatemala, located in Central America, has a rich blended culture of Spain and native Mayan people. This diversity and environmental beauty has created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites. Volunteers arrive on Saturday to Guatemala City and leave on their road trip to San Marcos Sunday morning. Enjoy the breath-taking view of beautiful Lake Atitlan and volcanoes; see women dressed in traditional huiples and cortes carefully balancing baskets on their heads as they saunter through the markets; view the artistically designed hillside terraces; and explore an ancient Mayan ruins. Working in our "Policlinica Social Asociacion Niños Shecanos" will permit you to assist families living in poverty and extreme poverty. You may be spending time in our main clinic as well as traveling to remote areas. After working in our clinic, you return to Antigua, a former colonial Spanish capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a perfect opportunity to extend you vacation to include travel to Tikal Remember to bring school supplies to distribute to children living in the poorest areas of Guatemala.

We welcome all volunteers and tourists. We will be pleased to develop a humanitarian program specifically designed for you and your area of expertise. Our dates are flexible in order to accommodate your travel plans.

Overview : (subject to change)

Day One : Saturday 
Travel to Guatemala City

Day Two :Sunday

Depart for San Marcos
View Lake Atitlan and volcanoes
Enjoy Terraced Lands
Explore Mayan Ruins
Arrive to San Marcos

Day Three : Monday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic

Day Four : Tuesday
Humanitarian Work in Rural Areas

Day Five : Wednesday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic Distribution of School Supplies

Day Six : Thursday
Humanitarian Work in Rural Areas

Day Seven : Friday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic
Appreciation Dinner

Day Eight : Saturday

Early departure to Antigua
Shopping at Xela/Visit Shaman
Overnight in Antigua

Day nine : Sunday

You depart for Guatemala City to return home or You extend your Vacation: Visit Tikal, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango

Gallery of Photos


View Lake Atitlan and volcano
Stroll the cobblestone streets through colonial arches
Admire the colonial structures in Antigua
Enter the beautiful church in Antigua

Connect with Nature through exploration of Guatemala. .