Preparing for their volunteer experience:

 “… I feel this is a super opportunity for all of us, and with a little thinking on our part now and telling Bette, the more we'll all get out of this week.... Perhaps don't think just what you'll get out of this (feeling good for being of service), but that you can actually offer something to Guatemala and it will be a little better place, with a few happier people when we leave. :-)”

Big hugs,

Comments after her humanitarian experience:

 “My heart broken open in so many ways. The “eyes” of the people of Guatemala etched in my soul forever…the gift of you in my life another ‘blessing’.”

 Deep peace,

Regarding visiting the Ecuadorian Jungle:

 “Estuve en Yaas Nunka y ellos estaban contentos por la visita de usted, espero verla lo más pronto posible para seguir ayudando a mi gente en la selva con medicina y doctores.”
Saludos y abrazos,

Selection of organizations:
Thank you for the photos. It's hard to see the destruction caused by the earthquake and to know how limited are the resources for rebuilding. As for our donation, we give to only organizations related to health/survival. Long ago we decided that rather than give small amounts here and there we would pick just a few organizations that we felt were doing good work and spending their money mostly on the people they served rather than on administration. Our local United Way, Heifer Project, Operation Smile, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, and now Shuarhands fulfill our "criteria." Of them all, I am most confident in Shuarhands that my donations are going directly to those in need. As Randy said, "It's wonderful to know exactly where our donation is going and even to know some of the people directly." It's so much more personal. Once again, a bit selfish as our satisfaction in knowing we can make a difference is huge.


Concepts focusing on ShuarHands, Inc. leadership:

 “Bette ha sido una pieza importante en este proyecto, su ingenio, responsabilidad, iniciativa y demás cualidades hicieron que en determinado momento.”


A college student’s view following the earthquake:

“This is awful, awful news. Thank you so much for being so strong and pressing onward in the face of catastrophe. Prefieres paypal o un cheque? Te voy a mandar dinero para apoyar. No será mucho pero deseo ser parte del solución.”