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We appreciate your generous donations. Approximately 98% of monies received are recycled to the people in need through our various programs listed below. Please send your donations directly to our business address (preferred):

P.O. Box 1411, Pine Valley, CA. 91962
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ShuarHands, Inc. appreciates the support of the following humanitarian organizations.  Please visit their websites.

Frequent Flyer Miles
  • This would ease the cost for ShuarHands, Inc. personnel to travel to meet with political leaders. Presently all travel and related expenses are paid for by participants.
Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Immediate Emergency Need and General Use

    ShuarHands , Inc. and the local representatives determine the best use of your donation based of immediate and current needs. Disaster relief is always a priority.

General Fund
General Use

Student Education, Health and School

  • "Sponsor a Guatemalan Child" Program

With a donation $240.00 per year, you will assist a family that lives in extreme poverty.  Funds will be used to improve health and education. You will receive communication and photos from your sponsored child. Please see application form.

  • Educational classes and medical check-ups ($2,000/family)
  • Purchase basic school materials for students-in-need ($600)
  • Scholarships for advanced study, for qualifying students ($1,200+/year)

General Fund
Sponsor a Child School

Guatemala Project

  • Create educational programs regarding nutrition for families living in extreme poverty.

  • -Provide basic food staples for children and their families in order to reduce malnutrition($5,000)

Guatemala Project

Amazonia Project

  • Medical visits by Doctors
  • Chartered plane for Doctor’s visits ($600)
  • Medicine for Doctor's visit ($500)
  • Physical plant: maintenance and construction, latrines, water pumps, etc. 
  • Emergency medical fund ($2,000)
  • Medical training scholarship fund ($1,000)
  • Educational materials: reference books, posters, models, DVD
  • Computer and generator for educational lectures  
Dream Goal

-Expand our newly developed clinic called “Policlínica Social Asociación Niños Shecanos” located in Guatemala, to include the following: a Woman’s Health Center, a Surgical Center, a Diabetes Control Center, and a Dialysis Treatment Center.  ($125,000)  Join us in making a donation to make health available to those living in poverty.  We encourage corporate sponsors.

Equador August
Medical services

*All prices are approximate