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Middle East Project


  • Medical debt payment for refugees ($250/family)
  • Food debt payment for refugees ($375/family)
  • Assist in “stocking the pantry” of established food kitchens ($2,000/year)
  • Supply yarn to ShuarHands, Inc. to create and send “huggable toys” to children ($2,000/yr.)

Frequent Flyer Miles
  • This would ease the cost for ShuarHands, Inc. personnel to travel to meet with political leaders. Presently all travel and related expenses are paid for by participants.
Frequent Flyer Miles
Immediate Emergency Need and General Use
  • ShuarHands , Inc. and the local representatives determine the best use of your donation based of immediate and current needs. Disaster relief is always a priority.

General Fund
General Use
Student Education, Health and School
  • Educational classes and medical check-ups ($2,000/family)
  • Purchase basic school materials for students-in-need ($600)
  • Scholarships for advanced study, for qualifying students ($1,200+/year)

Guatemala Project


  • Create educational programs regarding nutrition for families living in extreme poverty.

  • *Help Children and Adults hear!  Make a donation to purchase Audiology Exams and devices ($2,500)

  • Provide basic food staples for children and their families in order to reduce malnutrition($5,000)

Guatemala Project
Amazonia Project


  • Medical visits by Doctors
  • Chartered plane for Doctor’s visits ($600)
  • Medicine for Doctor's visit ($500)
  • Physical plant: maintenance and construction, latrines, water pumps, etc. 
  • Emergency medical fund ($2,000)
  • Medical training scholarship fund ($1,000)
  • Educational materials: reference books, posters, models, DVD
  • Computer and generator for educational lectures  

*All prices are approximate



ShuarHands, Inc. appreciates the support of the following humanitarian organizations.  Please visit their websites.
مطعم سعادة السماء- فرع الميناء