ShuarHands, Inc provides travel opportunities for those who wish to participate in our humanitarian missions while experiencing adventures with experienced guides. We prefer to limit our tours to a maximum of ten participants, thus providing a more intimate exchange with the people and nature. Travel dates are designed for the traditional vacation times: spring (March/April) and summer (July/August) The price of the tours are reasonable. Price does not include round trip U.S. airfare, airport exit-security tax, some meals, suggested inoculations, flight insurance, personal items, and souvenirs.


We offer four tour options:


-Quito and the Galapagos Islands
-Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with a humanitarian focus
-Quito, the Galapagos Island and Amazon Rainforest for a 14-day adventure!
-Antigua and rural Guatemala with a humanitarian focus


Guatemala, located in Central America, has a rich blended culture of Spain and native Mayan people. This diversity and environmental beauty has created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites. Volunteers arrive on Saturday to Guatemala City and leave on their road trip to San Marcos Sunday morning. Enjoy the breath-taking view of beautiful Lake Atitlan and volcanoes; see women dressed in traditional huiples and cortes carefully balancing baskets on their heads as they saunter through the markets; view the artistically designed hillside terraces; and explore an ancient Mayan ruins. Working in our "Policlinica Social Asociacion Niņos Shecanos" will permit you to assist families living in poverty and extreme poverty. You may be spending time in our main clinic as well as traveling to remote areas. After working in our clinic, you return to Antigua, a former colonial Spanish capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a perfect opportunity to extend you vacation to include travel to Tikal Remember to bring school supplies to distribute to children living in the poorest areas of Guatemala.

We welcome all volunteers and tourists.  We will be pleased to develop a humanitarian program specifically designed for you and your area of expertise. Our dates are flexible in order to accommodate your travel plans.

    Overview :
(subject to change)

Day One : Saturday
Travel to Guatemala City

Day Two :Sunday
Depart for San Marcos View Lake Atitlan and volcanoes Enjoy Terraced Lands Explore Mayan Ruins Arrive to San Marcos

Day Three : Monday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic

Day Four : Tuesday
Humanitarian Work in Rural Areas

Day Five : Wednesday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic Distribution of School Supplies

Day Six : Thursday
Humanitarian Work in Rural Areas

Day Seven : Friday
Humanitarian Work in Clinic Appreciation Dinner

Day Eight : Saturday
Early departure to Antigua Shopping at Xela/Visit Shaman Overnight in Antigua

Day nine : Sunday
You depart for Guatemala City to return home or You extend your Vacation: Visit Tikal, Lake Atitlan, Chichicastenango