ShuarHands, Inc provides travel opportunities for those who wish to participate in our humanitarian missions while experiencing adventures with experienced guides. We prefer to limit our tours to a maximum of ten participants, thus providing a more intimate exchange with the people and nature. Travel dates are designed for the traditional vacation times: spring (March/April) and summer (July/August) The price of the tours are reasonable. Price does not include round trip U.S. airfare, airport exit-security tax, some meals, suggested inoculations, flight insurance, personal items, and souvenirs.


We offer four tour options:


-Quito and the Galapagos Islands
-Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with a humanitarian focus
-Quito, the Galapagos Island and Amazon Rainforest for a 14-day adventure!
-Antigua and rural Guatemala with a humanitarian focus


This tour provides a unique opportunity to visit the Shuar, an indigenous hunting and gathering group of the Amazonia.  Learn about their traditions and ceremonies, dance, eat traditional foods, take nature walks, search for food with them, learn about their concerns of logging and oil exploitation in the region, In addition participate in a humanitarian project by bringing school materials with you to distribute directly to students and work with medical personnel in a local medical clinic.  This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Price includes: all accommodations, all meals in the Amazonia, entrance to museums, ground transportation and taxis, tips, round trip transportation into Amazonia, round trip transportation Quito/Macas/Quito, tour guides in Amazonia.

    Overview :
(subject to change)

Day One
Travel to Quito

Day Two
Travel to Macas

Day Three
Travel to Shuar Community Distribute School Supplies Assist our Doctors in a Wellness Clinic Explore the Amazon Jungle with Guides

Day Four through Day Six
Explore the Amazonia Paddle Down the River in a Canoe Venture Down Jungle Trails Participate in Shuar Traditions

Day Seven
Return to Quito Visit the Artisan Market Enjoy Salsa dancing

Day Eight
Return home AM